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Snags lets you collect better technical feedback by using secured browser recording technology. No downloads, no installs.

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There are reasons why companies invest in customer support tools like ours

Hours per week saved on average with Snags.
Of people say bad customer experience influences future buying behaviour.
Average additional spend from customers that experience good customer support.
In a nutshell

Use video to understand customer issues faster

Customer frustration to customer satisfaction in three simple steps

Create a ticket

Invite a customer to show you their issue by sending a secure screen recording link.

Review the video

View the problem through your customer's eyes, eliminating the need for follow-up messages.

Remove the data

Avoid data privacy issues by deleting the video once the issue is solved. If not, we'll automatically delete it for you after 30 days.

Customer support software for you

Streamline bug reporting and resolution

See how companies like yours are using Snags to understand and solve bugs faster. 

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How it works
Companies just like yours can’t live without Snags:
“An amazing tool to help customers that want bugs resolved without waiting days. Snags helps our Support and Tech teams immeasurably.”
Tayo Onabule
Head of Product, Android Authority