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3 Tips to Help Your Support Team Provide Efficient Customer Service Through COVID-19

3 Tips to Help Your Support Team Provide Efficient Customer Service Through COVID-19

As working from home or in a socially- distanced office through COVID-19 becomes the new normal, companies need to adjust their practices to fit. Here are three tips that we at Snags have found helpful during this period.

Tip 1: Respect typical working hours

Our homes have become our offices. A walk to the desk or kitchen countertop has taken over from the train journey of the past. For most, working from home has turned out to be a positive thing overall. Staff enjoy their jobs more and are able to find a better work-life balance, crediting flexibility to work from anywhere as the reason for this. Given how challenging the current situation already is, it’s important that silver linings like this are respected and preserved.

The lack of a commute should not mean an earlier start to the working day in the same way that limited social activities outdoors doesn’t mean that an employee may as well continue working. Whilst increased flexibility means it’s easier for staff to ditch the 9-5 schedule for something more unorthodox, working additional hours should not be allowed to tamper with the work-life scale that many employees feel they’ve only just balanced.

Tip 2: Define goals for your staff

Studies show that 39% of people work faster when they’re working from home. With nowhere to travel, fewer distractions and literally the comfort of one’s own home, it’s easier for most to get things done.

On the other hand, communication is undoubtedly more difficult – although not impossible. Clear communication across all channels will go a long way. So will setting clear goals and tasks that your staff can lock in and focus on providing efficient customer service.

Tip 3: Make sure you have the tools to succeed

Like a lot of things, providing efficient customer service is only possible with the right tools. With the pandemic leading to an increase in all online activity, the number of people running into issues online will rise.

Investing in support software won’t solve all of your problems overnight, but it’ll go a long way in streamlining the workload of your support team. There are a number of different customer help desks to choose from online – and it’s important that you choose one that is right for you and your team.