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Field-tested features

Features that have been tested, and benched marked to help improve your support process.

Screen recording

Use screen recording to understand issues faster.

When a customer notifies you of a bug on your app or website, you’ll be able to generate a secure screen record link for them with the click of a button.

Invite them to record their screen to show you the issue so you can see and resolve the problem without the need for follow-up questions.

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Assign, prioritise and track tickets in one easy-to-use place.

Manage all of your customer tickets within your simple to navigate and use dashboard.

Assign a ticket to an agent, prioritise how urgent it is and discuss the problem, all inside one place.

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FAQ video upload

Guide customers to a solution with FAQ walkthrough videos

Solutions to problems are understood faster when they’re shown, rather than described. 

Record, store and send walkthrough videos that quickly demonstrate how to solve common problems.

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We'll save you time. Here are the features that we'll use to do it.

Invite your team
Collaborate with your team members - all in one place
Agent analytics
Track the stats to keep on top of your KPIs
Secured screen recording
Generate and send screen share links to your customers
Password protection
Added security for your screen share links
Ticket flagging
Flag and organise your tickets in order of priority
Ticket comments & tagging
Create more robust tickets by adding comments and tags
Ticket activity
Check when people view, comment on or upload a video to your ticket
Assign tickets to agents
Manage workload by giving tickets to the right agents
Automatic info deletion
To help you avoid any data privacy issues
Easy-to-use dashboard
Manage all of your tickets in an intuitive dashboard
Custom domain names
Keep your domain name in your Snags URL
SSL's for domain names
Because security is important to us
Whitelabeled share links
Swap out all Snags branding for your own to make your customers feel at home
Match your branding colour
Personalise your dashboard with your company colours
Slack & email notifications
Added integrations to get updates within your workspace
No downloads or installs
Customers can upload videos with ease
Customer device information
More information to help you to get to the root of the problem
Permission to keep videos
Ask customers to keep their videos for future debugging purposes