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GDPR Compliance

Data privacy is important to us. At Snags, we’re advocates of GDPR and we make sure that covers both you and your customers.

All necessary measures and requirements are in place at Snags to maintain the highest level of data protection. For more information on how your information is used and processed, you can read through our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Security document.

Your customer data is never stored on our servers for longer than 30 days. On the 30th day, all data including videos are completely wiped from our servers. This is one of our main features at Snags. We want you and your customers to feel safe and confident when using our product.

Our data centre provides the highest level of security measures to make sure all data stored with us is safe, secure, and not accessible to the wrong people.

All data stored with us is stored in a trusted and certified data storage block located inside the Europen Union. The data storage block provided is certified in the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

By achieving compliance with this globally-recognised information security controls framework, audited by a third-party, Our provider has demonstrated a commitment to protecting sensitive customer and company information. That commitment doesn’t end with a compliance framework but is a necessary baseline for security.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to message us at help@snags.com.