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How Snags works

We’ll show you how easy it is to use Snags and how seamless our service is to integrate.

Teach me how
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Create a ticket for a user who needs help.

A customer lets you know that they have an issue. The first thing you’ll need to do is hit “create ticket” to generate a secured record link.

You then get the option as to wether you want to automatically send them an email with all the details to record their screen, or copy the link to send elsewhere.


Review the video.

Once the user records their screen, their video is automatically uploaded to our cloud servers (with their permission). You’ll be notified once it’s ready.

Then you can review the video to see how exactly the error ocurred.


Solve the issue.

With a video uploaded, you’ll be able to assign team members to a ticket to notify them to start working.

Add comments, tags and priority flags to organise tickets, then explore your Agent Analytics section to see how your team are getting on.

Spikes in the process

Everyone has their own way of doing stuff, here’s other features users use in their process.