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Snags for Education

Snags lets students & teachers raise technical issues from home with the click of a button.

Trusted by companies just like yours

Don’t let bugs disrupt learning

Assignments, classes, and homework are conducted online more often than they were pre-COVID. Increased reliance on online means of education should be met with investment in tools designed to identify, prevent, or resolve technical issues.

With Snags, users can record and send technical issues with the click of a button, making it easy for everyone from primary school to post-grad. Screen recordings can be anonymous and are automatically wiped from our servers after 30 days, so you can rest assured that data safety and privacy are protected for all of our users.

Work safely online with classroom efficiency

Technical issues don’t disrupt learning in the classroom, let’s make sure this doesn’t happen online either.

  • Password-protected screen share links
  • Record screens with one click
  • Videos automatically removed after 30 days
  • Anonymise video sender information

Our customers love what we do - and so will you

We're now working seamlessly together!
Using Snags lets our Support and Tech teams to work together in harmony, helping us resolve issues faster than ever before.

Andrea - Support Lead
Our students are no longer struggling in silence
Sometimes it's hard to explain an issue, especially for younger children, but Snags lets us all illustrate issues to the IT team in seconds.

Rob - Teacher
Heavily relied on by our QA team
Every new release now goes through Snags. We're recording issues and using Zapier to send bugs to our developers on Jira!

Miles - QA Lead

Relied on by teams like yours around the globe

There are one thousand and one ways to use Snags. Regardless of what your company does, we can help your teams.

Snags for Education
Snags lets students & teachers raise technical issues from home with the click of a button.
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Snags for Product
Receive app and website feedback from people who matter most - your customers.
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Snags for IT Departments
Snags lets teams like yours solve internal issues without the headache.
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Snags for QA Teams
Snags lets first line support staff communicate with QA teams much faster.
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Snags for Agencies
Snags lets clients & QA teams raise technical issues in seconds.
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Snags for Customer Support
Snags lets teams like yours solve bugs on any platform in record-breaking time.
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